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Forest Gardening weekend
11-12 August 2018

With Tomas Remiarz

Full rate, includes all meals - £150 to £180 (Sliding scale - pay what you can afford according to your income).
Concessions: £135 (limited to 4 places)

Camping fee £6 per person per night

Times : Saturday & Sunday 9:30am – 5:30pm.

Arrivals from Friday eve 4pm onward

Booking - please complete the booking form at the bottom of this page

More info - 01694 -751374; Email:

Edible forest gardening is the art and science of putting plants together in woodland-like patterns that forge mutually beneficial relationships, creating a garden ecosystem that is more than the sum of its parts. You can grow fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, other useful plants, and animals in a way that mimics natural ecosystems. The aim is to create a low input, high output system that benefits people and the environment, providing a great range of products. A forest garden is designed and established according to site and the needs of the client.

At karuna you will be able to see & learn from examples of forest gardens that have been establishing over some years and see Permaculture in action all around you.

The course will assist participants to visualize, plan establish and continue to maintain, harvest and learn from a forest garden, be it at home or on someone else's land such as a community garden, school garden, etc.

Course outline The basic 2-day course will cover:
· Benefits of forest gardening
· Site selection and design
· Integration of Permaculture principles and design process
· Species selection
· Plant propagation
· Site preparation, establishment and maintenance; harvesting
· Processing of produce
· Integration with other farm and garden systems

The course will include hands-on practicals in topics such as plant propagation (grafting, budding, layering, etc.), mulching, site surveying and design layout.

Course tutor Tomas Remiarz is the author of “Forest Gardening in Practice” and has over 20 years experience in permaculture design and practice across the UK and various European countries. Over the years, he has been active in many different fields, with an involvement on the restoration of land, buildings and communities. Tomas is currently part of a group developing a 6-acre co-housing site with 3 buildings in Herefordshire.

What others say about the course

“I have been inspired after my visit on a Forest Gardening course and will apply what I have learnt on my own area. It was fabulous waking up and being able to nibble on fruit and herbs outside the tent and the compost toilet was such a pleasant surprise.... “ Remany

One of the forest Gardening course participants in 2011 has written about her experience - the feature was published in the popular Permaculture Magazine (winter 2011 issue) click here to read the article "tasting the vision" Vanessa Spedding senses the potential of natural living in a Shropshire forest Garden of Eaden.