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http://www.earthpathwaysdiary.uk Earth pathways diary, Karuna received funds from the Seed Fund awards.

www.permaculture.org.uk Permaculture Association (Britain)


http://thesnailofhappiness.wordpress.com/ Dr Jan Martin Blog

permacultureglobal.com/ Global Permaculture Network

www.thebfg.org.uk The Bangor Forest Garden

http://www.transitiontownshrewsbury.org.uk/  Transition Town Shrewsbury

www.dupderwenlas.uk Dances of universal Peace with Sandra Sunfire


www.cat.org.uk  Centre of Alternativ Technology

www.junglegiants.co.uk recomended bamboo supplier

www.designedvisions.com  Chris Evans with friends & teachers of permaculture

www.dipa.dhamma.org  Vipassana Meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

www.simondale.net/house Simon Dale

 www.agroforestry.co.uk  The Agroforestry Research Trust

www.lammas.org.uk  Lammas low impact initiatives

www.funkyraw.com Raw food diet : info, magazine & shop.  Editor Rob Hull.

katilifox.wordpress.com/presence  Anthropologist/independant social research and consultancy.Aberdeen University Honorary Research Fellow

http://www.small-earth.com/    Earth bag building - Julian Faulkner.