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Collection only - *sorry, we do not post trees.

Apple trees (bare root): £ 18

Container grown trees are available year round: £25 - £30

Soft fruit bushes (bare root): £8

Container grown soft fruit bushes: £9

*All are organically grown.

Please place orders by email:

*Please note: there is a minimum purchase of 4 items per order.

We are skilled at making the very best selection from our nurseries.

For community based projects we prefer to organise the order for you.This works best for all concerned and we ensure that you get a diverse mix of the right trees for your particular location, orchard, Forest garden design.


Below is the list of 'some' of the varieties in our nurseries, subject to availability. Not all our stock is listed here

Rootstock available: MM106, M26, M9, MM111.

Ashmead’s Kernel: Intense flavour. Good keeper
Bramley:  popular cooker

Brooks(Shropshire):  Small aromatic apple, slow tree
Beauty of Bath:  Early eating -Aug
Downton Pippin: Small yellow sweet. A Shropshire apple
Elstar:  late eating apple, good flavour
Jupiter:  Vigorous hardy tree, good cropper
Laxton’s Superb:  Late dessert apple
Lord Lambourne:  Old favourite, Sweet apple
Newton Wonder:  good keeper
Scrumptious:  Sweet, bright red. Self fertile
Tydeman's Early Worcester:  red sweet early eating
Worcester Pearmain:  early eating

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