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Make Your Own Plants

Make your own Plants – Plant Identification, Propagation and Care

Led by : Tomas Remiarz

Date :29-30 June 2019.

Venue – Karuna Insight Design, Shropshire, SY6 6NT UK

Times : Arrivals Friday eve 4pm onward, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm.

Fee : Full rate , includes all meals - £160 to £200 (Sliding scale - pay what you can afford according to your income).

Concessionary rate is available for those with no income £140 (limited to 3 places)..

Camping fee £6 per person per night.

Food: 3 fab meals a day will be provided as well as hot/cold drinks, food is always nutritious & delicious, vegetarian and fresh – using organic produce grown at karuna whenever possible.

Contact : Merav, 01694 -751374; Email: [email protected], Karuna Insight Design on Facebook.

Booking: please complete the booking form at the bottom of this page

This hands-on course will teach you the practical skills needed to work with a wide variety of plants. You will learn to identify a number of wild and cultivated plants. Basic plant theory will help you understand the relationships between them and how this knowledge can be useful in gardening and ecology. We will go through the theory and practice of several propagation techniques that can help you save money and produce healthy and productive plants. There will also be demonstrations of pruning and grafting techniques.

Course tutor Tomas Remiarz is an experienced permaculture teacher, researcher and designer, and author of the book “Forest Gardening in Practice”. He has worked in and with forest gardens, orchards, woodlands and perennial gardens for over 20 years. His passions also include foraging and medicinal uses of plants.

We do expect people to play fair and to be considerate. We are able to offer courses at the lower rate for those who are unable to pay more because those who can afford to pay choose to pay the full amount. So please, if you are in the fortunate position that you can choose not to work, due to large savings or investments perhaps, then please pay the full course fees and not the rate quoted for those who are unwaged or on low income.

The Concessionary rate - 3 places, available for unemployed, pensioners & students, on a first-come first served basis.

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