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Compost loos at Karuna

Compost Loos at Karuna

Constipated mucoid plaque in the colon is the product of decades of eating improper food.

To achieve excellent health, muciod plaque has to be flushed out of the colon through raw foods, colonics, fasting and certain teas.

Mucoid plaque also builds up from incomplete bowel movements caused by not fully squatting while eliminating.

For those practicing the above, a squat toilet is available.

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Enter at your own risk!
There is no risk.

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We like all visitors to Karuna to feel as welcome as possible and try to offer the basics on a familiar level to them.  (Above... European Seated toilet).

If we take a look at nature we will notice that most animals squat to defecate.

Even our closest ancestors the primates, squat down to defecate when nature calls.

Most human beings still defecate in this most natural position, especially in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Proper elimination is not possible through the western toilet system as the colon is 'Pinched' in the sitting position. This fosters constipation and toxemia.

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