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Olu - Do - Do - Two



WORDS OF ADVICE for Visitors attending Karuna ~ *Olu-Do-Do #2* (25th November)

2:30pm To 3am


*OLU Do-Do #2* !


Karuna is a Farm- & its 'Very wet' right now.

So,....We advise visitors  wear good, strong footwear, boots, 'n' Wellies, (You may change footware inside the venue) and bring a ((((Head Torch)))), you be lost with it!

*Umbrellas are also really handy.


Special 'One Off' event, (1st & 2nd time welcoming in New creative friends).

Those who enjoy Creative 'sound celebration manifestation', Honouring ((((Vibration)))), the Fire, Expression, Dancing etc.

*We reserve the right to combine free and fixed, *'Order and Chaos', technique and idiosyncrasy, in 'whichever way we like'.


The game is 'Seek and Find!'

The Universe will sing through our being and from the Trees!

A medical experience-felt world wide, 'Rippling Out' into the Universe!

For those concerned ,YES, it's certified, Karnuna's existence is Sanctified.

A gift from the Universe, sung by the TREES!- (10,000 young, 'mixed' trees, an arboretum, Bio diversity, & life support system ! )

*PARKING, is In the 'Main Car Park' on the left, before reaching the Roundhouse.

No cars beyond the Car Park- THANKS :)


ANYONE getting vehicles , stuck in the Mud, because they strayed from the hardcore track, will have to sort themselves out with Towing etc.

*STAY ON THE TRACK YAR!- Yes, inc Rebels, we know it's hard not to deviate.


***DOGS*** ~

We presently have 4 Dogs at Karuna, it is better that you Don't bring a dog to this event.

However- 'If' you have no choice, and do need to bring your dog *please contact us to discuss & arrange.

*ALL Dogs Must be kept on a Lead, and cleaned up after.


If you are staying over, please pitch your Tent, in the Designated 'Camping field'.

Those in Campers can speak with Staff regards where to park up. Best place is in The Free Car Park!

****The event takes place Undercover, Inside the Tea den, by the Natural Swimming Pool.****


Earth ~ Air ~ Fire and Water! ~

Nature is vast , all man created laws are narrow.

*Nature is the law!

It has its own intrinsic Laws, which don't require mans sanction, they are there, and life goes on following them.

Come and feel the vibes of Nature flow.

Allow it to rise 'through you', express it through Sound ~ vibration!

*Noise is for Heroes!

This is ROOTS ! ~ When the time is right, we are ALL able to access our deep connection to nature , through, Vibration.

Ever changing , new emergence, nothing stays the same, everything is subject to change.


One does not need to be a Musician at all , to experience the healing , pleasure, & Pure fun, of 'sound vibration' ~ expression!



The ego dissolves when we tap into the mystery of life, the discovery of who/what we are, the release of our own , original mantra , which abides within.

Let the echo of your individuality penetrate to your very core.


For many , many years, we have held Jams at K, master percussionist,  'Olugbala' (Olu), is a facilitator supreme ~ Anything goes! , feel it! ,Celebrate it! , at ALL levels, of musical ability, or JUST SOUND FILLING THE AIR!

Break outta Babylon and celebrate, laugh, play, sing , dance, Fool.

'Feel' & Honour the fire!

Look up at the 'clear, starlit sky', from within a Forest garden portal, created through Love and sacred life meaning.

Link and share your needs- Ad-lib !

Bring what you wish to share, Veg /Vegan food, Herbs, night lights, Shells, Crystals, Tamborinas, Flutes, Drums, Guitar, Didge, Harp, Shakers, Incense, Poetry, Art, Masks, anything that is appropriate, and meaningful to you !

Just Be Yourself! Flow with the cosmos! ~ enjoy, the highs , lows! 'n', the spaces in-between!

Enjoy immersing in the energy of 10,000 young trees, & numerous old Oaks on the boundary.

Feel life simmering with satisfaction about you,

and carry away with you, all that satisfaction, and new Insights!

Heart Beat ~Drum Beat!

Let's make this a BIG ONE!


UPDATE ~ Olu Do-Do #2 costs just £20


*All money goes to help Fund 'THE NEST' -the New Centre & Cafe at Karuna.



We are a genuine Roots project , we really appreciate you supporting our work with Cultural diversity and Bio Diversity.

Thank You ALL!

Qak On & Bless Up!


                                                             Basho's Tea Den.

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