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How to donate?

Donations of any size are most welcome, you can donate using a bank transfer, Or via PayPal here,

or post a cheque (made out to Merav Wheelhouse)

to Karuna, Picklescott, Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 6NT.

Bank transfer is the preferred way, particularly for larger donations, because PayPal take a percentage. Please contact us for the bank details.



Oracle Girl A gift of pure love 💚


Jim Kinnibrugh - a contribution to the cost of constructing the New Education Centre and in memory of Bryan Hunt who was an “Organic Educator” if ever there was one.

Jill Jones

Catherine Doyle

Miriam Newman

Yinka Lawal, Oxfordshire

The Green house Shop, Llandeilo, Carmathanshire.

2 x Fionn Quinlan Djaning Farm The Channon, New South Wales, Australia.

Tamsin Waterhouse, Shrewsbury

Julian & Susie Faulkner, Picklescott.

The Green house Shop, Llandeilo, Carmathanshire.

Berit Pegg karlsson

Chris Evans


Christine Page & Lawrence Shaw


Clair Rhydwen

Phil Wildcroft

Julia Barnsley


Ann Rigby

Kate Turner

Victoria Goodall

Jude Wright


Steven Golemboski-Byrne

Virginia Carrington

Phil Stebbing

Gill Otto

Mary White

Emily Langdon

Jan Martin

Lilly Gunn-Bordewich

Sheila Ward

Anthony Lamb

Simon Thompson

Barbara Staples

Phil Hughes

Louise Doughty

Katie Saxby

Darren Woods


Guy Sheppard

Charlotte Wilson

James Newton

Sarah Walpole

Katy Momo

Henry Beakbane

Anttony Dumskj

Mike Pope

Pauls Sproga

Kaye Chambers

David Ayers

D Oliver

Lucy Langdon

Judy Ainger

Janos Bozo

Brad Edwards

Vanessa Spedding

Gavin Pate

Jaise Kuriakose

Gary Evans

Rosamund Aubrey

Sara Mai

Andy Goldring

Dave Allan

Hanna Thoroghgood

Joanna Blackman

 Many kind thanks to Our Donors 2013:

  • Christine Page & Lawrence Shaw

  • The Green house Shop, Llandeilo, Carmathanshire.

  • Chris Evans, Herefordshire

  • Valerie Ann Laken, Leicester

  • Eleanor Weir, Staffordshire

  • Kathleen Raymond-Barker, Brecon

  • C.Rhydwen, Machynlleth

  • Sue Stedman, Oswestry

  • Barbara Staples, Birmingham

  • Jacqui Savage, Worcestershire

  • Richard Seabury, Shropshire Jon Sayer, Ceredigion

    Phil Stebbing, london Antony Dumskyj, Derbyshire Dr Catherine Dorey, Australia Lynda Adlington, Shropshire Lorna Chang, Devon Wendy Knerr, Oxford robin jane & rose, bishop's castle Tony Martin, Powys Alison Kennedy, Leeds Aranya, Devon Nicole Vosper, Compton Dundon Rachel Earnshaw, Oxon Joe Reid, Kent Anna Sofroniou, Bath Emily West-Sadler, Lincolnshire Tom Beakbane, Canada Noel Clinton, Ireland Vicky Smith, Epping Pip Leslie-Rowe, shropshire Michael Calderbank, London Anthony Lamb, Somerset Ian Fitzpatrick, york Genevieve Tudor, Shropshire Christine Lawrie, Shropshire Bex Syrett, Shropshire CAROL BYRNE, LONDON Tracey Skelton, Nottingham Shon Singh,Birmingham Harry ,Birmingham Alison Baker, London Makaela Day, Powys Mary Napper, Powys Ruth Theobold, Newcastle-under-Lyme Simon and Sally Langdon, Bath Mike Pope, Lancs Caroline Pragnell, Berkshire F P Newcombe, Shropshire Elizabeth Deane, Anglesey Paul Warman, Essex Steffen Boehm, Colchester MOONSHARE CO-OP Ltd, Wirksworth George Pinnell, London
    Tamsin Waterhouse, Shrewsbury  Louise D'Archy      2012

  • The Greenhouse Shop(Llandeilo,Carms).

  • Eitan Shriber.

  • Genny Bove.

  • Kate Turner. Bishops Castle

  • Christine Page & Lawrence Shaw

  • Mohammed

  • Judith Hughes

  • Vanessa Spedding

  • Steve Griffin

  • Henry Beakbane

  • Lucy Langdon

  • Hannah Thorogood, Lincs

  • Rachel Hek, Shropshire

  • Phil Stebbing, London

  • John Newsom, Birmingham

  • Jan Martin, Aberaeron Ocean Love Darren Woods, Leicestershire Elizabeth Parsons, Shropshire Angie Polkey, Swyddffynnon Joe penfold, SHROPSHIRE Rob Ormerod, Lancashire Louise Doughty, Conwy Doug King-Smith, Devon Martin Prydun, Australia

    James Mitchell, Hampshire Ervin Menyhart, Coventry Kevin Mascarenhas, London  


  • Lucy Langdon, London

  • Andrea Gilpin, Hereford

  • Kate Turner, Shropshire

  • Tom Critchlow, North Yorkshire

  • Joyce Wheelhouse, Nottingham

  • Suzy Straw

  • Mike Layward, Shropshire

  • Barbara staples, Birmingham

  • John (hippo) & G Driver

  • Heather & Anthony, Darbys/Notts

  • Charlotte Dean

  • Sheila & Alec Ward, Dorchester

  • Dinefwr Green Group, Carmarthanshire 

  • Collete Jenkins, Bristol

  • Genny Bove, Wrexham

  •  The Wasteless Society (Jim Gaffney) Bishop's Castle

  • MOONSHARE CO-OP Ltd, Wirksworth. 

  • Nicola Collis, Irland.

  • Keelin Tobin, Irland. 

 A massive 'THANK YOU' to all who have supported the project so far !!
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