Visitors comments.

“Ya Fattah! may the way be opened for such a wonderful place for us to share and learn from”. Aziz, Oxford.

“Karuna is splendid now and will be even more so in years to come, good forethought and proper execution baring a promise of wonderful tomorrows to come. Great spirit”. Dov Jacobs,(tree Warden) Longnor ,Shrops.

“Great place & appreciate all the hard work that has gone into it. It is becoming an island of Biodiversity & proof that land regeneration is possible and beneficial to a very wide community”. Chris Evans, (Permaculture Teacher) Ammanford.

“I arrived at Karuna feeling completely stressed and full of tension but sitting at your tent I became completely relaxed and felt all the tension drain away. Karuna’s healing effect and energy made me leave feeling much better”. Pauline & Bill, Sandy Island, Orkney isles.

“Beautiful space. Fantastic project. Good to see so much care about the future. Love your dedication and enthusiasm”.

B. Walker , Stapleton, Shrewsbury.

“The vision behind the project can only be applauded and please, supported”. G. Kynaston, Tree Warden, Church Stretton.


“When I visited i saw an attempt by dedicated people to reverse the damage that many of the rest of us are causing to the planet. Six thousand trees is a huge statement of intent, and it does not stop there. The family lives out its ideals by being self sufficient in electricity, heating and waste disposal. It is not a very comfortable lifestyle but they are prepared to do it for the benefit of this particular piece of land, for the benefit of the community and for the benefit of the planet and we all benefit from that”.
C.Lawrie,Happy valley,Shrews.

“An incredible surprise to find Karuna; peace and tranquillity-a humbling experience”. S. Way, Shrewsbury.

“An amazing project. Real vision and a tremendous amount of work. Well worth supporting. If we want our children to inherit a better world then projects like this one have to show the way”. Andy Jo & Tom Jukes.

“Fantastic potential to do all sorts of exciting things that help people reconnect with their environment in positive ways. Keep going”. J. Hughs, Shrops Wildlife trust.

“A splendid contribution to biodiversity and sustainability. The government should be proud of what you are doing towards agenda 21. All power to your elbow”. J. Tuer, Homer, Shrops.

“An inspiring vision being taken forward with great passion, dedication & love. A project of great benefit to us all which mother nature is clearly already lending a hand”. J & A .Day, Bayston Hill, Shrews.

“Karuna is a real place of inspiration, beauty and peaceful living. It’s human occupants embody the age-old ideal of living simply on the land, in harmony with it, in accord with it, true respect and sincerity that is rare to find and is a perfect example of low impact sustainable life that works, that we are all encouraged to adopt in this age of climate change and oil consumption”. L. Munton, Machynlleth.

“Our children benefit from access to Karuna in many ways. The organisation of events is very good and always catches the children’s interest. They are learning to respect and nurture plants, wildlife and the environment They are seeing and experiencing things that we often talk about but cannot show them. They are learning about the many different things that nature provides for them, such as food, drink and herbs that they gather themselves from the hedgerows. Most of all, they benefit from the interest and pleasure of their visits.” A. Thomas, Teacher(SENCO), Long Meadow, Primary school,Shrews.

“Wonderful to see new young trees being planted on such a scale-a wide variety-great!-look forward to seeing them grow”. J. Jones Longnor, Shrops.

“The enterprises being undertaken at Karuna appear to offer a very large number of positive benefits to the local and regional community:
*Development of a new, positive rural enterprise in the area.
*Development of productive local employment based on the countryside
*Community involvement in the countryside
*Positive trends in countryside nature conservation
*positive trends in the periphery of a nationally important wildlife reserve resource”.  I.Trueman (prof), Wolverhampton.
“The establishment of a mixed wooded holding, demonstrating Permaculture principals with opportunities for community involvement is a positive development for the area. It continues a long history of Forest gardening in south Shropshire, where Robert Harts inspirational garden is set”.  A.Grundy, Heartwoods c/o Green wood centre, Telford.
“I am a church of England minister serving in a number of rural communities in South Herefordshire, and I am becoming increasingly aware of the breakdown of rural communities and the isolation that many of these communities sense in an increasingly urbanised society. So, when I see projects such as Karuna, I am very excited at the prospect they have for building relationships within the community”.  Rev’d S. Lockett, Herefordshire.
“My calculation of the Wheelhouse family’s carbon footprint for their home in the caravan and their vehicles came to 1863kg of carbon dioxide p.a. This is exceptionally low as the average for the U.K. is 5,013kg per person or 12,034 kg per household. The other major threats to life on earth which the wheelhouses are addressing through their commitment to live a low-impact agro-forestry smallholding are those posed by the advent of peak oil and it’s likely economic consequences. It is still not recognised by politicians and the majority of the world’s population that the developed world’s agriculture is totally dependent on oil as a fuel and chemical feedstock for the production of nitrogen fertiliser. Such a dependency was always unsustainable and we immediately face stresses now that oil supply can no longer meet demand. The much reduced population of the near future will have to turn increasingly to Permaculture as the only way of producing affordable food for the majority. Hopefully the Karuna project will be encouraged to flourish in the near future so that it will provide an example to others as they struggle to find affordable and sustainable ways of producing food”.D.Finney,(energy surveyor),Craven Arms, Shrops.
“Inspirational to see what a family can do to provide for a community ,and to see how to repair our damaged landscape, green fields can be green deserts-Big up forest gardening!”.  S.Walters,  Leintwardine, Herefordshire.
“What a wonderful and inspiring space, a project with heart, as well as trees!”  N. Botham, Telford.


My husband is a retired diplomat and I remember the way that we could often demonstrate to those in the countries where we served some of the creative things which were going on in Britain as an example which might be emulated. I particularly remember a visit by Schumacher (“Small is beautiful”) and the way we were able to talk about the Centre of Alternative Technology. Today we would have been talking about Karuna amongst otherprojects”.  S.Ward, Frome Vauchurch, Dorchester.


“Breathtaking inspiration! We can all learn from this place”.
 J. Hutt, Mountfields, Shrews.
“I have lived just on the Welsh side of the Long Mynd since 1976 and am myself both an experienced conservator (having worked on restoration of National Trust vernacular buildings) and an enthusiastic lover of the landscape. It was my submissions to the then DEFRA during the 2001 foot and mouth crisis that limited the cull parameters in order to preserve the unique grazed flora of the nearby hills. I am the custodian of several hundred acres of heathland to the west of the site at Karuna. I am shocked and angry at the thoughtless application of guidelines (which were originally designed to protect the unique features of our countryside)to the project at Karuna which is entirely in sympathy with local traditions and sentiment. To my knowledge not one genuine person has objected to it. I hope that by the time you receive this letter wiser counsels will have prevailed in your office, as I cannot believe the above appeals could possibly be rejected by anyone in their right minds”.  J.Ford (prof),Newtown ,Powys.
“Thank you so much for sharing this with us. What you have achieved here in the last three years is amazing. I hope to keep in touch and support future events. Again, thanks!”  Kelly.   
“Karuna is a beautiful example of how we all need to start living! Living in this way, with the smallest of footprints, biggest respect for the earth (the planet on which we all live!) and with kindness and compassion – it is the only way in which we can hope to address the bleak future we are facing. Karuna is standing up for all things which benefit our planet (& us as people - everyone!) in the face of a dormant culture of greed, exploitation,& selfishness-planting trees, providing habitat for wildlife, acting as an education base to raise awareness of those issues & living in a low impact way.  Thank you Merav & Janta, Soma & Caio. Thank you for your hospitality and inviting us to stay. Hope to see you very soon”.  Joe & Maria, Leintwardine, Herefordshire.
“Projects such as this should be celebrated and supported because these pockets of carefully, sensitively and organically managed pieces of land may be the very places we will need to turn to restock our lands natural flora already being depleted by the use of heavy chemicals, which we know are responsible for many of our present societies illness”.   
G. Kindred, Author/ publisher.
“Karuna is a place to relax into the earth and spend time in nature. It is a beautiful spot but more than that it lives up to its name expressing the energy of compassion (Karuna) for all beings”.  C.Edwards, Machynlleth.