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Are you seeking advice about site design?

First and foremost we are experienced practitioners who offer up examples of various strategies. Our project speaks for itself. There are many people out there who have trained to talk about permaculture design but have little deep, real life experience of it. Years of close, daily observation and response is essential to good understanding. For us at Karuna Insight Design Permaculture is an actual lifestyle put into practice.

We want to see our type of practice spread far and wide by offering you the opportunity to visit the site, talk about how things are set out and what strategies might be applied at your site or future project. Many approaches and possibilities exist. We can help with advice and show actual ‘living examples’ on both small and large scale. This is because our unique 18 acre agro-forestry project was specifically designed from the outset to function as a working sustainable system. Within this system there are numerous examples of effective approaches right across the site - both small and large scale. 

We are offering consultation alongside direct experience, at our unique site, in a unique way, which is extremely rare to find on offer. This is due to there being a lack of practitioners with long-term experience  of  designing well established  sites using Permaculture approaches in general, and forest gardening in particular.

You may have only very limited experience of Permaculture and have little time to learn. In which case there is nothing quite like making a direct experience of what can be achieved and how you can create your own unique site. Whether it be in your garden, community garden or new approach to business. Consultation fee varies depending on the nature of your project. Design drawings/plans as well as site visits can be organised. 

If you would like to arrange a consultation site visit please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Thank You.


2007 Before Landscaping.


Pond Excavation 2008


Pond 2016





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