Five minute film showing our 18 acre Forest garden landscape design.

Karuna ‘Insight design’ was specifically developed (2006) to demonstrate sustainable land management and low Impact living as a way to heal ourselves, others and the planet.

The project is located in Shropshire, within an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) on the upper fringes of the ‘Long Mynd’, it faces out towards stupendous far reaching, open views of the Stretton Hills and surrounding countryside

Karuna is Sanskrit word meaning compassion.

In “Island", Aldous Huxley's last novel, Mynah birds were trained to repeat the word 'Karuna'. The island was a place where people were kind and happy, they had equality without mediocrity, compassion as well as intellect and science side by side with art. Islands happen to be our favorite places… so we created one!

This 18 acre project designed through ‘Insight’, serves as a Permaculture and Forest garden demonstration site, where visitors, students and volunteers can directly explore and experience some of the possibilities that exist to help revitalise the British countryside (creation of a nature reserve) and to help the nation accommodate, feed and power itself in the most positive way. The project has become a highly valued unique working educational resource.

Onsite energy at Karuna comes from renewables (wind & Sun). We recycle rainwater and waste. And grow as much of our own organic food as possible.Keeping ourselves fed with a staple diet all rear round.

We started from scratch with our ‘Insight Design’ and transformed what had previously been low quality, overgrazed fields into what is, to our knowledge, the largest Forest garden project in the country. As a small family we planted an extremely diverse mix of over 10,000 trees; including traditional fruit trees, nitrogen fixing trees, and many plants and herbs, thus laying the foundations for the practice of 'Forest Gardening' using permaculture techniques/principles for the production of materials, fruits, nuts, vegetables and medicinal plants. All based on interaction between different life forms in order to stimulate and support one another (symbiosis).

The land and its people are calling out to be healed. We have chosen to respond to it in order to share our love of the natural world with the wildlife, our children and community.

Traditionally small wooded areas were often managed on the outer edge of English villages, not simply for their raw materials and medicines. Trees offer us the opportunity to recognise inner peace and understanding when we place ourselves quietly among them. Developing and raising awareness of community, true sustainability, natural building, organic food growing, Low impact living, climate change, wildlife conservation, holistic healing and art are the projects deepest concerns.

We offer a place for you to develop through direct experience!

We need to get back to our heritage - our birthright - the land. Karuna aims to fulfill the opportunity for people to lovingly care for the earth which brings us into life, nourishes and sustains us, and ultimately takes us back again.

Agriculture is the very basis of our existence and is likely to go on being so, if we are to survive at all. We feel an urgency to share ingeniously effective solutions with the widest possible audience, inspiring them to join in our work right across the country and beyond.

The good news is we can begin the transition process right now!

We welcome people who share similar companionate nurturance of nature, who have some creativity, and an ability to practice and stay committed to developing a truly sustainable future.

Don’t hesitate, don’t waste a moment - get started, get inspired, make an inspirational life changing experience at Karuna Insight design.

Karuna insight design