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Experience Gives Meaning.

Visitor in the bath.

Smooth, soft cell, bulging black orbs

Reflecting light

You pose for me

Naked in the bath

Your stark naked, simplicity makes me smile and laugh.

You fly through the air and stick everywhere.

A photo would never do.

Instead, I write a poem about you.

Little suction padded boots ‘n’ gloves.

Long Noodle legs send you flying to,

wall, trees, pools, and bamboo.

Or, even into my bathroom.

Staring deep into my soul.

One arm hanging over the edge of the bath.

Which just made me smile, and laugh.

So hey,

Thanks for being you,

Little free flying frog.

(Part of a Poem, by Janta, on Koh Phyam).

Welcome & Listen up!

*’Karuna Insight Design’- contributes more to world Peace than all the armies in the world!*

As a 'genuine' Grassroots project we don’t receive or do all ‘that much’ publicity.

Hence starting a blog, so that we can blow our own trumpet, be our own cheer leaders.

‘Karuna Insight design’ is priceless. It speaks for itself; many visitors have left statements, testifying the benefits received. (see visitors book page).

We dedicate this blog to all genuine seekers of wisdom and Love of the absolute! Regardless of their caste,

(uh!, only joking, castes are a sic social construct).

We hope to inspire ways of giving meaning to the notion of 'the ultimate!' Psychologically, as the self, or cosmologically as the universe or the ALL .

For some of us, the urge towards union within and without, has always been there from birth.

By occasionally sharing with the reader/viewer, we will, hopefully, arouse interest in the task of helping heal and connect people and the environment. Through our dedicated life-work Low impact, land project. Through 'Insight Design'.

Best not to expect ‘Anything’ really, we certainly don’t! Lets go with the flow!

We’ll be setting things out our way, for better or for worse. As Forest garden practitioners, we have very little spare time on our hands, which is why it’s taken so many years, to start this ‘occasional blog’.

Expect lots of Photos/pictures, probably with few worms……(words).

Love Island X Dharmadam beach,between Cananore and Mahe, Malabar Coast. 1987

We hope you are all asking questions, about 'yourself', and making close observations and experiences in the world about you.

And that you are celebrating your intuitive and insightful growth.

None of us are here, in this life, for long. But our lives are important.

These days, most are too much involved in the need of the hour, to be able to get even a glimpse of themselves, their true, deeper selves. Technological abuse, saturation, and distraction are responsible for much confusion and craziness in the world today. For many, Life has lost its dignity of purpose and degenerates into ignoble strife.

There is truth, goodness, beauty, love.

May the wonder of life’s mysteries and experiences intoxicate you, free you, giving you peace that passeth understanding.

Perhaps, this is an extension of our commitment, to connect with our community…particularly those 'individuals', who practice the art of learning through ,creative, ‘direct experience’, in their lives. Karuna is a portal, which perhaps sounds a bit mystical , but deep down some, are certain, that it’s right for them, when they're here, living creatively, working and relaxing contemplatively, away from the city, observing and experiencing themselves and nature in the moment.

This is an ancient tradition, when you are utterly in the present you are simple, the more simply we think, the better our action, the better the way of looking at things. Sadly, Simplicity has been made into an ideal, into something complex. But,to see deeper and experience our simple selves, the more at peace we feel, having come to know, and trust in our feelings.

Primordial Oneness. Oils on canvas,by Merav.

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